We started out in 1996 as an award-winning design agency. As a consequence of being almost ridiculously curious, we evolved into something more. Today, we devote our lives to simplifying companies, brands, products and environments, making them clear and relevant. We developed our own method to achieve clarity, and it consists of four blocks:The first block is to sort and confront the components of your challenge to analyze them from different angles. We do this the way a technician would; it’s just like disassembling a piece of machinery. We ask the simple, stupid questions: why is this tiny cog placed here? How does this thing really work? And once we’ve figured out how your brand works, we reshape and reorganize the pieces for better clarity and power.The second block is finding the core, the factor that can’t be reduced. The core could be a lot of things: a function, a quality or an attribute.The third block is exploring that one-and-only feeling, something that hooks into your heart and evokes emotion. We are experts at finding this emotional driver.Helping this driver gain power and aiming it in the right direction is the fourth block: maximizing impact.This combined four-block process is the same whether you need our help to clarify a piece of packaging or to simplify how travelers move through a subway system. We will always ask ourselves: “How complex does it have to be? How simple can we make it?”We simplify to clarify. This is what we do. This is who we are.